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Retirement Planning Services

Retirement Income Planning is usually at the top of anyone’s list of financial concerns. At Midlands Financial, we have developed a process, based on consultation and guidance, for ensuring that you have the right plan in place to keep you from outliving your retirement income.

In addition, Midlands Financial also helps our clients to create a strategy for optimizing their Social Security. We partner with our clients to plan out when to collect the benefits they are owed while maintaining your long-term financial well being.

Midlands Financial involves every member of our experienced team in providing services to both 401(k) plan sponsors as well as participants. We maintain a focus on plan design while also keeping up-to-date with industry trends, regulations, and legislation. Midlands Financial also provides educational meetings for plan participants. We make our team available to answer any and all questions and concerns. We also serve as the main contact with the plan’s custodian.

We are dedicated to not only providing you with the highest level of service, but also to your current and future success.

Financial Planning that focuses on retirement strategies.

Americans today are living longer than ever and challenging market conditions make it hard to ensure that your savings last as long as you need them to. We specialize in creating retirement income strategies that are designed to provide for 25 or even 35 years in retirement.

Whether you are preparing for retirement or are near your retirement years, you probably have some questions:

  • When can we afford to retire?
  • What kind of lifestyle will our savings support?
  • What happens if one spouse dies before the other?
  • How will we pay for healthcare in retirement?
  • How can we maximize our Social Security benefits?

Our team will work with you to plan properly so that you clearly understand where you are now and how to prepare for a comfortable retirement lifestyle. We’ll help you find ways to make it more likely your retirement income will last until the end of your life.